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  • Hypnotherapy Institute

    The Hypnotherapy Institute is a hypnotherapy school that offers a comprehensive training that prepares you for professional hypnotherapist certifications while it allows you to discover your own unlimited strength and resources.  Read More

  • Our Philosophy

    Our philosophy is that peace of mind is an inside job.  It is not to be found from outside of ourselves.  No one can give it to us.  We must find it within ourselves.We believe that if a person has a 'problem,' this person is ultimately the only one who holds the appropriate 'answer' within their subconscious mind.  We also believe that a person is more than the content of their experiences, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.  Therefore, ra... Read More

  • Our Instruction

    Our instruction includes written material, demonstration videos, and exercises for each class offered.  One-on-one mentoring is available through email, snail mail, and/or telephone.

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  • Professional Training

    Our professional training provides you with step-by-step instructions and the skills needed in order to become an effective and successful certified hypnotherapist.

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  • Electives

    In addition to the classes in our professional training for hypnotherapist certification, we offer many elective courses to choose from that will lead to professional Clinical Hypnotherapist certification, Read More

Student Testimonies

"How thankful and grateful I am to have taken this course. At 67 years old with degrees in Psychology and as a Primal Therapist since 1972, I still have a lot to learn from this program. I found the information to be most comprehensive and filled in many of the cracks and spaces to finally give me a clear and complete picture of how consciousness works in all of us. The combination of Judy's professional wisdom, personal clarity and light-hearted humor have made this a most profound yet enjoyable experience. Anyone taking this course will graduate with the tools to help themselves and others in a most professional way."  Jonathan Hall

"I am eternally grateful to Judy Ward and the training I received at her school; The Hypnotherapy Institute (hypnotherapyone.com).  I have been practicing hypnotherapy since my graduation.  I have attended many years of school, and Judy is one of the best instructors I have ever experienced; she is extremely wise and knowledgeable in her field, patient and generous in sharing her knowledge and experience, and completely approachable and down to earth.  The training is thorough and comprehensive, without being overwhelming.  Whether your objective is to practice hypnotherapy, or to augment your existing practice with the use of hypnotherapy, I give this training program the highest recommendation!"   Tamara Sweeney

Home-Study Hypnotherapy Training

0 -cart - certification course

Hypnotherapy Certification Training

Our comprehensive home-study hypnotherapy training course brings you a very convenient way to become a successful certified hypnotherapist.

NOTE: Even though these are distance learning courses, you will receive the following:

  • Comprehensive training materials
  • Videos of live demonstrations
  • Teleconferences for in-depth discussions with instructor
  • Unlimited email support
  • Chat forum with instructor and other students
  • Continued mentoring from instructor

Our Intent

...to provide you with the most powerful, effective and convenient way to master hypnotherapy through onsite or home study courses for professional certification; to promote professional growth through learning to be present and honoring others in their own self-explorations; to promote personal empowerment and growth through in-depth exploration and discovery of unlimited inner resources.
  • Onsite

  • Electives

  • in Spokane, Washington

Alternative Hypnotherapy Techniques - January 27, 2018 - $300

Learn techniques that particularly appeal to those with 'new age' interests.  Take chakra clearing to a new level when combining it with hypnotherapy.  Assist clients in 'reading their own cards' when combining hypnosis with the tarot cards.  Learn how to assist clients in accessing their own 'inner guide' through the utilization of 'soul cards.'


Group Process - February 17, 2018 - $300

Learn how to combine group process and hypnosis into your practice to create safe, yet dynamic groups where participants can process their issues.  You will learn how to be an effective facilitator.  Information is included on marketing your groups.  Group work is an essential addition to successful private therapy practices.


Toolbox for the Therapist - March 17, 2018 - $300

Learn to use the power of music therapy as a medium of communication, strategy for refocusing attention, and a method of evoking memories.  Learn the powerful tool of art therapy to help your clients tap into their rich inner resources for understanding and healing, provide a visual explanation of what is going on inside their minds and assisting in getting in touch with their feelings.  Learn the medium of coloring therapy and the archetypal image of the mandala as an expression of the self.  Learn how to utilize games and pictures to assist your clients in self-discovery and resolving conflicts in their lives.


Stress Reduction Seminar Training - April 14, 2018 - $300

Learn how to lead stress reduction workshops and seminars which will greatly increase public awareness, generate more income, create referrals and increase private hypnotherapy clientele.


Pain Management - May 12, 2018 - $300

Learn techniques that allow the client's body to communicate its needs to the client.  Learn techniques to help clients manage chronic pain.  Learn techniques that help clients control their own autonomic nervous system.  Discover the lessons within the pain.


Relationships and Codependency - June 9, 2018 - $300

Learn how to access the ability to meet one's own needs while breaking the Romance and Codependency Cycles.  Learn how to access and utilize the ideal image of the perfect mate that is held within the subconscious mind.


Pre- and Post-Op Clinical - July 21, 2018 - $300

Learn hypnotherapeutic techniques to help your clients before, during and after surgery and other medical procedures.  Assist clients in accessing their natural 'inner healer' to be present and cooperating during and after surgery.


Dream Therapy - August 18, 2018 - $300

Learn a very powerful hypnotherapeutic technique of dream therapy that interprets clients' dreams and provides awareness of their conflicts, including the means to resolve them.  To quote James R. Lewis, "The purpose of a dream is to communicate something to the consciousness.  The subconscious has a kind of intelligence that attempts to guide and otherwise assist the conscious self."


Inner Harmony - Septembetr 15, 2018 - $300

Learn to help clients access their own inner wisdom, the "observer" self that sees the bigger picture, the inner guidance that has the solutions to one's problems.  Learn to access and communicate with one's masculine and feminine energies to facilitate moving away from extremes to a more harmonious place of balance.


Anxiety and Depression - October 20, 2018 - $300

Learn hypnotherapeutic techniques to assist clients in identifying and breaking the thinking and reacting patterns that produce chronic stress, anxiety and depression.


Self-Hypnosis Seminar Leadership Training - November 17, 2018 - $300

Learn how to successfully market and teach Self-Hypnosis classes.  These will greatly increase public awareness and acceptance, generate more income, create referrals and increase private hypnotherapy clients.


In-Depth Inner Child Workshop - December 15, 2018 - $300

This is a very experiential class, using music and many exercises and techniques to go back through each developmental stage of childhood and explore how core beliefs were formed.  This class is open to the general public. All students will receive a manual covering everything experienced in the workshop so that you can use these techniques to assist clients through family-of-origin issues even though they may be resistant to formal hypnotic induction.  You will learn enough in this class to facilitate family-of-origin and inner child groups/seminars/workshops.







Call 509-327-4465 to register.

Very limited class sizes.


200-hour Certified Hypnotherapist Training

in Spokane, Washington




Meet every other weekend for 10 weekends beginning March 10, 2018.





Meet every Wednesday evening beginning March 14, 2018.





Meet Monday through Friday for two weeks beginning July 9, 2018

Certification exams will be given during final classes.

COST:  $2,500


Call 509-327-4465 to register.

Very limited class size.

Hypnotherapy Institute

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